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Safety & Security

The Safety & Security Ministry

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The goal of the Safety and Security Ministry is to insure that the environment at the Sugar Land Church of Christ, at all times will be safe and secure.


To report any unsafe concerns that you notice during worship services or church activities, please contact a member of the security ministry or you may email us at:

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Sugar Land Church of Christ

Safety Policy on Responding to Disruptive Behavior

The Sugar Land Church of Christ congregation is proactive regarding the safety and well-being of its members and guest. This living document is in place to continuously evaluate the safety needs of our congregation.


Our focus on the whole congregation, must be given priority over the privileges and inclusion of the individual. To the degree the disruptive behavior compromises the health of the congregation, our actions as people of faith must reflect this emphasis on security. While openness is one of the prime values held by our congregation and expressed in our vision, we affirm the belief that our congregation must maintain a secure atmosphere where such openness can exist. 

When any person's physical and/or emotional well-being or freedom to safely worship is threatened, the source of this threat is best addressed firmly and promptly, even if this ultimately requires the expulsion of the offending person or persons.

Therefore, if an immediate response is required, this will be undertaken by the Elder(s), Minister, or Deacon(s) and/or the leader of the group involved. This may include asking the offending person or persons to leave, or suspend the meeting or activity until such time that it may be safely resumed. If further assistance is required the Police Department may be called. Anytime any of these actions are undertaken without the Elder(s), Minister, or Deacon - Security, they must be immediately notified.

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