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Church Notification Process

In an effort to notify our members expeditiously, the Leadership at Sugar Land Church of Christ will be sending Emergency Alerts, and routine Notifications, via “One Call Now”.

“One Call Now”, will disseminate church-initiated E-Mails, SMS Text, and or Phone Calls to keep you informed. 

Please use the Self-Update Portal (Sign-Up), to update all current contact information for yourself, and family. If for any reason you are unable to update your contact information by using the Portal, this will indicate you are currently not on the church’s roster. In the remote event this happens, please contact the church’s Secretary, and she will add you to the Secured Database.

Lastly, if you decide to discontinue receiving SMS Text, or Phone Calls, you can Opt-out at any time by texting Stop to 22300. 

To begin, click on the graphic below, as this will take you to the Portal.

Please note, your contact information will not be shared with any outside sources.

Screenshot 2023-06-08 130130.png
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